01-16-2017 Dr. Martin Luther King Day

Dr. Martin Luther



Gert Gröning: Von Dangast nach Colorado Springs

Gert Gröning: Von Dangast nach Colorado Springs



Interview: New CIA Torture Claims

Laura Pitter, Senior National Security Counsel US Programm
Stephanie Hancock, UK Media Officer



How U.S. Torture Left a Legacy of Damaged Minds

by Matt Apuzzo, Sheri Fink and James Risen
New York Times October 8, 2016



„Sie wollten uns töten“ Dokumentation einer Flucht



Europas Aufbruch ins Ungewisse – Philipp Blom im Gespräch



Rouhani and Undelivered Promises



Peter Schaar: Privacy as a human right

Privacy as a human right

Claudia Wagner, David Garcia, Mohsen Jadidi und Markus Strohmaier

It’s A Man’s Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a community-created encyclopedia that contains information about notable people from different countries, epochs and disciplines and aims to document the world’s knowledge from a neutral point of view. However, the narrow diversity of the Wikipedia editor community has the potential …

Download pdf: Assessing Gender Inequality in an Online Encyclopedia


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